Our Vision

To Create Value and Make a Difference... everywhere we engage in ICT.


Mission Statement

To create experiences that support the combined magic of ICT with the power of Internet services across a world of devices.


Our Core Values

Honesty And Transparency - Open in our judgments and communications with our Clients and Suppliers.

Courage Of Conviction - Requiring us to be creative and radical, without fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible level of service.

Humility - Recognizing that we are a part of a bigger alliance in the ICT world, and requiring our presentation and behavior to be modest.

Initiative And Urgency - Continually seek to improve and never be satisfied with anything less than a competitive advantage in technology, price, quality, delivery, responsiveness, speed and innovation.

Understanding - Vigorously seek a full understanding of the capabilities, wants, and needs of the entire chain.

Integrity And Teamwork - Build long-term relationships with suppliers and clients based on trust, honesty, and candor.


Our Goal

To build such Partnerships and manage them by constantly meeting and exceeding the needs through high standards of integrity and professionalism. The key word is what we do, we do very well.


Our Approach

We plan to do this by having a careful approach to a Clients needs. This entails studying insatiably the clients problem and responding to the problem in the most comprehensive way possible. That way the client is quality assured as consistency in delivering and flexibility in pricing policy remains the norm.


Our services

Our services include Supply and Maintenance of Hardware and Software, Repair to Hardware, Network infrastructure design and implementation, ICT Audits and Consultancy, Software Installations, Integration, Data Security and Training.


Delivery of Services

Our service delivery has a two tier approach.

We encourage annual contractual obligations. In this arrangement, an agreement is signed stipulating agreed amounts, areas covered, execution periods, remedial recourse and exceptions.

Alternatively, we have a set period for service which is flexible and all service deliveries are done on an ‘adhoc’ basis as and when the need arises and are billed according to actual work done and duration of work done. Either of this is agreed upon due to the complexities of varied Clientèle needs which are as unique as they are diverse.


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